Establishing an operation in Great Britain is a logical first choice for overseas companies to base themselves when expanding into Europe. It has a growing and vibrant economy which is expected to overtake Germany's by the year 2030.

Advantages include:

Services we offer include:

  1. Market entry consultation
  2. Company formation, usually within a day
  3. Instant virtual office helping you deal with inbound inquiries, and making outbound ones
  4. Help with sourcing suitable staff and/or premises
  5. Assistance with all legal and financial/accountancy issues
  6. Access to 60,000 sq. ft. of secure, palletised storage and distribution space across three sites in Glasgow, London & Edinburgh.
  7. Sourcing of strategic partners, acting as a door-opener
  8. Marketing and Advertising - We can help spread the word thanks to an extensive network with UK Media.
  9. PR - 'Results only' PR - you pay only for coverage generated with no expensive monthly retainers

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