Here are some references from satisfied customers that we have worked with.

Our Partners

Danian Rios, President, Arm the Animals Inc.

“Marc was instrumental in helping us expand into Europe and therefore I would not hesitate in recommending his services to others”

Adil Aliev, CEO, VocalBoothtoGo Inc.

“Thanks to Emjay Consultancy, we now have a Limited Company together with a bank account and hold inventory in UK allowing us to serve European customers much more quickly and efficiently than was previously possible from the United States”

Rukhsar Ahmed, MD, Green Fulfilment Ltd

“Marc helped us reach out to strategic partners in North America and forge alliances. A first class facilitator.”

Eugene Gottesman, President, Gottesman Company

"Marc Jarrett is a company minded, creative, 'self-starter', quick to learn. We look forward to doing big things with him".

Amir Ligdi, 3DLasergifts LLC

“Working with Marc has been a pleasure and he helped us hit the ground running in helping us develop our business in the United Kingdom”