According to the IMF, the US has lost the title of the world's largest economy - it has been replaced by China.

As the balance of power shifts Eastwards, the opportunities afforded by this colossal and growing market are simply too big to ignore.

But given the enormous cultural and linguistical differences that exist between China and the rest of the world, you need access to a network of trusted professionals on the ground who can help you.

Advantages include:

Areas in which we can help you include:

  1. Access to a large consortium of investors who are looking for investment opportunities, particularly in Real Estate and technology (clean tech, med tech, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, ICT) and food (raw materials, brands, technology, and manufacturing facilities).
  2. Access to a 3000 seat-contact center to help you in both a B2C and B2B capacity
  3. Translation of your website and marketing collateral into Chinese
  4. Social Media - translation of your Twitter & Facebook feeds for publication on Chinese networks Sina Weibu, Renren, Tencent & WeChat
  5. Virtual Office - test the market at a fraction of the cost and risk associated with a real one
  6. Helping Realtors reach out to high net worth Chinese investors
  7. Organizing Trade delegations to and from China
  8. Organising group visits from China and help in making your business 'China ready'
  9. Interpreting services

Our network of trusted contacts in China is constantly growing.

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